Sure bets calculator

In this section you will find "Surebet calculator" (what is a "fork"?).

In the boxes next to the numbers 1 and 2, enter the odds you want to check if there is a "fork" between them, for example: enter 2 and 2.2, then enter the bet amount and by clicking "calculate" you will see that in this case "fork" is (4.76% ). Then you will see the following notes below (calculations made with a bet amount of € 100):

[1]: 2 x 52.38€ = 104.76€
[2]: 2.2 x 47.62€ = 104.76€

[1] shows how much € you need to bet on the end of the first event, and [2] how much on the second, after the draws you see how much you can win by placing € 100 on this "fork".

If the percentage is minus it is not a fork!

< 1 2 > - designed to count forks between two endings (eg basketball, tennis, etc.)
< 1 x 2 >designed to count forks between three endings (eg football, etc.)
< 1 2 3 4 > - for calculations when 4 outcomes or events are possible

To calculate, select the "fork" calculation method from the ones on the left.