About Olybet

An Estonian gambling company, better known as "Olympic Casino". The company has been around for more than 20 years but entered the Lithuanian betting market only in 2013. The company's name became most recognized after OlyBet acquired the previously operating Lithuanian betting company Orakulas, and after a few years, also underwent brand transition processes.

Olybet Money Transfers

Typical transfers for a company operating in Lithuania. It is somewhat surprising that the company offers Skrill electronic wallet payment services, but there is no option to settle with Neteller wallets owned by the same company.

Sports Betting

This betting company was favored by many gamblers for its offerings, which often differed from those of competitors operating in Lithuania. OlyBet's live betting platform has remained attractive to clients, with bets being accepted quickly and payouts for events also being processed promptly. However, OlyBet's uniqueness disappeared after changing strategy and leasing services from a betting platform provider, making it similar to many companies worldwide that use the same betting provider's services. Now, OlyBet's betting offerings are on par with TopSport offerings + in the TV section, both live and before matches.

Olybet Casino

Like its sports betting platform, OlyBet simply rents its casino platform, so do not expect unique games and services. On the website, you will also find the globally expanding Betgames TV game service.