On Knowing If A Slot Machine Will Hit

On Knowing If A Slot Machine Will Hit

After many years of operating, the number of winners in slot machines can be hard to determine. While it is true that many players have experienced winning in slot machines, the reality is players don’t always win in slots. Besides, winning in slots does not even guarantee a winning chance in the next spin. Well, no one can accurately know the outcome in slots. What players can possibly do is predict the outcome, which is closer to the probability. It is what people usually do in a game of chance.

But how do they win in slots just by relying on probabilities? Do we give luck a whole lot of credit? As time goes by and players get even more experienced in playing the slot machine, they are now using strategies that work for them, which helps them to predict whether they got the winning chance or not. Knowing if a slot machine will hit can be a difficult skill, but it can certainly help players to beat casinos. In this article, we’ll give you some common tips on knowing if a slot machine will hit. 

Knowing The RTP Rate 

RTP rate is the acronym for Return To Player. This shows the expected winning rate or percentage. By knowing this, you will know how likely you win in playing that certain slot machine. In choosing the best slots to play, it will always be best to select slots that have a high return-to-player rate. 

Let's say, for example; a slot machine offers a 95% RTP rate. It only means that the slot machine can pay you at least $95 for every $100 bet you placed. For the usual slots available in casinos, this is already considered a high RTP rate. Casinos usually calculate the RTP of the slot machine by the great number of spins. Thus, this simply means that it is not certainly guaranteed to win $97 after having 100 spins.

Don’t Always Believe in The Hot or Cold Streak Strategy

Most players blindly predict slot machine outcomes based on what they feel. Well, it is entirely normal to be expected among most players. Slot machine outcomes go in randomly, and it can be hard to determine some indicators to know when it is going to hit. Hence, some players resort to using the Hot or Cold Streak strategy in hoping for a winning chance in playing slot machines

Hot or Cold Streak simply means anticipating when a slot machine will pay out or not. Most players believe that a consecutive cold streak will eventually make a hot streak later on, and when the slot machine is about to reach a hot streak, players will have the great opportunity to play slots as it might give good payouts. While this might work for some time, the hot or cold streak idea is undoubtedly wrong. Slot's outcome goes out from an independent event, which has no basis that can indicate the subsequent outcome.   

Knowing The Slot’s Volatility

Every slot machine has its own range of volatility, which determines the level of risk that players will incur from playing slots. It also determines how frequently the slot machine will produce payouts. In other words, players can determine their winning chances and the amount of payout by knowing the slot’s volatility. 

The range of the slot’s volatility goes from low to high. Players can choose from it depending on their risk appetite. High volatility slots have a high risk as it only pays infrequently, but it pays out greatly. Medium volatility slots pay out fairly, go between high and low, and have only moderate risk. Low volatility slots, on the other hand, payout frequently as it has low risk but has small payouts.  

Setting Limits

While taking more spins in slots will give you more winning chances, it is not always good to take numerous spins until you get the winning combination. In the end, you might end up still losing because it is hard to break even when you get more losing combinations before you win. Hence, it is essential to set limitations for taking spins so you can protect your bankroll and avoid having more losing spins. 

It may be a simple idea to play slots, but this is actually a known strategy among slots players called the “Naked Pull” Limit. In the Naked Pull limit, players are setting a limitation in taking losing spins. Players can freely set their own limits depending on their bankroll and other factors. After setting limitations, players have to obligate themselves to strictly follow their spin limit. Hence, if they limit themselves to only five losing spins, they have to stop playing after losing five times.   

Play On Popular Slots

There’s no other best reason why players flock to play a specific slot machine. It's because they simply pay out well, and they have really enjoyed playing it. Hence, if most players love to play in that slot, then you might also love it. Since strategies in slots can be hardly mastered because of their unpredictability, this could certainly be the best way to find the best slot to earn big and frequent wins.