The Best Sports Betting Apps of 2024

Success in sports betting depends on having the appropriate knowledge at the right moment. A wide variety of alternative sports betting applications have developed on Google Play and App Store as a result of online bookmakers increasingly allowing customers to place wagers from their mobile devices.

Avoid wasting your time with scammers and other shady online betting platforms. There are many sports betting sites you can download and provide realistic odds and real-time payments. Here are ten of the best sports betting apps you can download today.


SharpSide is a fairly young software that offers punters a ton of information and analysis generated by the public. Each member's betting records are made public, and there is no way to remove losses or otherwise tamper with the results, which is the brilliance of SharpSide's strategy for gathering betting tips and advice.

Every user of SharpSide is required to make picks at their own convenience on a wide variety of player props, game props, and game lines. The app keeps track of picks and publishes results on detailed boards, letting you see in incredible detail what other gamblers are thinking.

Betting Pros

The simplest strategy to enhance your profits when placing a sports bet is line shopping. By evaluating the odds provided by several sportsbooks, you can make sure you're getting the best value for each line that suits your preferences.

The Betting Pros is not only a betting that shows helpful information, such as betting percentages and team trends, but it also shows the odds for each game at a number of different online sportsbooks and highlights the best choice for each line that is offered on a specific matchup.

Parlay It

While parlays and teasers are excellent ways to increase your sports betting income, it can be difficult to predict potential payouts. With Parlay It, you get a straightforward, uncomplicated sports betting tool that enables you to calculate rewards for parlays that contain up to twelve picks. The possible profit, return, and return on investment are displayed immediately when odds are input in fractional and decimal formats.

Moreover, this app includes a "dutching calculator" to assist you in hedging your bets across various sportsbooks.

Kelly Calculator

There are multiple techniques that bettors can employ to choose how much money they should stake on a specific event. The Kelly Calculator handles the math required to use this strategy, which is one of the most well-known and successful ways of determining value and building up your bankroll.

To use this, you must enter your bankroll's total value, your expected success rate, and the chances to determine the size of your advantage over the bookmaker and the recommended wagering amount. So, if you are searching for an app that can help you discipline your bankroll, the Kelly Calculator is a great help.

Onside Sports

Onside sports contain a customized dashboard that tracks key parameters of your overall betting performance in great detail. Additionally, it records usual metrics like return on investment and win-loss records, as well as statistics that offer more useful feedback on the effectiveness of your betting strategy.

Also, you may track wagers made over your family members and friends using the "pools" feature. Lastly, you can compete against the top "cappers" in each sport by following their picks on the public leaderboards.


The popularity of BetMGM has increased over time, and it now offers a wide range of betting options, including NBA props, Super Bowl futures, and odds on almost all sporting events. Additionally, it offers top-notch bonuses, even for loyal consumers.

Additionally, BetMGM has some of the best odds, topping sports betting applications accessible. On the other hand, you may also come into some shaky odds, but it's manageable as long as you choose your bets correctly. Even if you choose a different favorite, downloading BetMGM and checking it regularly will help you locate the best odds in a specific game.


One of the dominant betting brands in the mobile sports wagering industry is DraftKings. It began as the market leader in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), but it swiftly grew, and today it offers a mobile sportsbook. Do know that outside of Nevada, it's the first legitimate internet sports betting application.

In every area it operates in, including Indiana, Virginia, and Tennessee, DraftKings has become well-known for its user-friendliness and responsive interface.

Final Thoughts

Sports betting websites and media outlets choose to go to greater heights so they can provide a fun and simple mobile experience. With the evolution of many technological advancements, sports betting today has become more accessible and efficient anytime and anywhere.

Therefore, once you plan to play your next sports betting games, take advantage of the mobile betting apps listed above for complete ease and convenience.